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Recently the Lord was impressing in my heart to have a conference of about 250 people, and I told our team to pray about it and see if it’s from God. I said that if we received a confirmation close to 250 people, we know it’s a conference. After prayer, I received a passage from Nehemiah 11:13 which talked about 242 heads of the father’s houses that were meant to work in the house of God and dwell in Jerusalem. I knew that God wanted to gather His people to do His work and establish His will in our cities.  

About ten years ago in 2010, a small team of us prayed that God would release 3,000 people to establish His temple, which is His people, to establish the house of prayer to be a perpetual worship unto God. Neil Cole had opened a space up in Signal Hill for us to grow in prayer. One of the prophetic ladies without knowing the prayers began prophesying that after I have two of my own children, the Lord would bring about 3,000 people from the nations to do this. I have two children and about a third one due in early October. One of my friends recently looked up a passage that talked about the 3,000. He noticed that it preceded the Acts 2:42 moment where these 3,000 souls that were saved, and “they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” It’s about the 242 called to do His work in the Acts 2:42 moment that are meant to have the 3,000.   


This is the time in which we can see souls saved hundred-fold. It’s time for the one hundred-fold multiplication. Come and be trained by seasoned leaders. Come and invite the people that you have been sharing the gospel with, people you have been talking to God about, people you have been ministering to, people with vision to be used by the Lord. The night time will be opened to everyone for a gospel-sharing night on Saturday night and there will be a healing and prophesying night on Sunday. We will pray for God’s people to be filled with His Spirit. Those who are ready to be trained for multiplication can sign up and register for the conference in the day. Join us and be part of the spiritual family of God. 



- Tammy Dao-Bui

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