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Tammy Dao-Bui
Tammy Dao-BuiFounder, LoveHOPtammyd@lovehop.org
Tammy will be going over some practical tools to help address the common lies that exist among the five-fold ministry to help individuals return back to their identity in Christ as well as going over a 21 day detox course to help individuals break free from bondages.

Topics Covered: • APEST strengths and weaknesses as well as common lies that can exist among the APEST. • How the gospel is integrated not only with deliverance, but also with every part of your life, bringing you to the promises of God's abundant life for every believer.

Outcomes for attendees: • Restoring or strengthening the foundation of the gospel for joy in Jesus. • Healing, restoration, and/or transformation • Tools to help others see healing and breakthrough from bondages through the blood of Jesus. • Compassion and understanding for others in ministry who may be going through bondages or trauma.



Tammy has a calling to help individuals transform their identity through seeking the knowledge of God in the place of worship and the Word of God.  She is called to commission these wholehearted lovers to bring revival, unity, and works of mercy in the family, the Church, & the harvest. She is the director, and one of the founders of the Love House of Prayer, started in 2009. She has worked with thousands of people for healing and deliverance ministry, to see individuals break free from decades of pornography addiction, substance abuse, prostitution, and other bondages. Currently, she is still helping the planting of houses of prayers, raising young prophets, raising leaders, and has a team of five other full-time missionaries working together  in a transformation home.


In 2016, the Lord fulfilled  a dream from 2014, by providing Tammy and her family with miracle home for transformation ministry.  The purpose was to build the spiritual family among those who have given their lives to the Lord completely, while bringing deep healing to those who have gone through trauma in mission, or childhood. Her family and the spiritual family live together in the house, with a prayer furnace that's part of a growing basecamp in Long Beach. Her desire is to see over 200,000 of these houses established in California, in connection with Jeremiah 32,  in order to turn America back to God through the knowledge of the Love of the Father, the Word of Jesus Christ, and the Power of Holy Spirit.


Neil and his team have a calling to catalyze a transformative movement of God's kingdom within the arising generation that multiplies to the ends of the earth.

In 1980, at CSULB, I chose to follow Christ. It was the best decision I have ever made, and every decision since––both good and bad––is better because of it. After graduation I went to Seminary. At that time I served in a large church of 3500 people that plummeted to 700 in a single year when the lead pastor left. This forced some hard questions about what makes a church successful. Still dizzy from this experience, I graduated from Seminary with an M.Div and moved my young family to Rancho Cucamonga, CA where I became the lead pastor of a church. When God released me from this pastoral role I moved my family back to the urban streets of Long Beach, but with a whole new understanding of church. Young people who were far from God and enslaved to the occult and addictions soon came to Christ. These people would never go to a church so we birthed church with them that met wherever life happened. A movement was birthed and started spreading and our churches doubled in number every year. Our story is captured in the book Organic Church. Today there are 14 books written. Hundreds of thousands of church planters have been trained. Millions have been baptized and several hundred thousand organic churches have been started. I have brought the organic church training to fifty nations of the world. The Lord has called me to invest in empowering young adults, women, and creative people. LoveHOP has many young people and women in leadership, and I was invited to mentor and empower them. I will direct the apostolic development––raising a new generation of leaders that empower women, igniting the youth to burn with love for Jesus, and mold the spiritual DNA of artists to shape LA County and Hollywood.

Neil Cole
Neil ColeExecutive Church Planting Director


Neil will be going over the roles and strengths of the five-fold ministry as well as giving practical tools in how to implement the house church model in your home, at the coffee shop, or in the campuses of America.

Dr. Curtis Sergeant
Dr. Curtis SergeantFounder of Zume Project


Dr. Curtis will be going through the wineskins of the apostolic work examples to see healthy reproduction of disciples.


Dr. Curtis Sergeant served with the International Mission Board (IMB) among an unreached people group (UPG) in China. After a movement started there, he began training for the house-church networks in China and others around the world in how to do the same. Later he served as a VP for Global Strategy with the IMB. Then he went to Saddleback Church over Church Planting and helped catalyze some extremely large-scale church planting projects, especially in India, and engaged nearly a hundred previously unengaged UPGs. He then served at e3 Partners as the International VP. Now he runs a disciple-making and missions training center called MetaCamp in Dadeville, Alabama. He is also a co-facilitator of the 24:14 coalition (2414now.net) and founded the Zúme project (zumeproject.com).


Taylor McCall is the founder of Common Thread. A movement of interconnected churches in Birmingham, Alabama that consist of intentional neighborhood communities, small businesses and justice works in both their city and multiple cities around the world. Taylor and his wife Lindsey and their five children live in downtown Birmingham and have been living in and practicing intentional community for almost a decade.
Taylor McCall
Taylor McCallFounder of Common Thread
Wolfgang Kovacek
Wolfgang KovacekTeacher of Resurrected Life Ministries


Since 1999 assistant for 3 years, then teaching for 17 years in Resurrected Life Ministries. This ministry offers various discipleship training classes, that teach on your true identity in Christ, let attendants experience inner healing and deliverance and teach practical everyday spiritual practices that help to live a victorious life in abundance.


WOLFGANG KOVACEK was called by God to come from Vienna, Austria to Los Angeles, California. 1999 was the year, when God said: “Go to America!” Within 7 days after arriving in Pasadena into the house of a Christian Missionary from England, God turned Wolfgang’s life around and God spokevery clearly to him about his future. The next 20 years were marked by a development of growing in various areas:

RLM: Since 1999 assistant for 3 years, then teaching for 17 years in Resurrected Life Ministries. This ministry offers various discipleship training classes, that teach on your true identity in Christ, let attendants experience inner healing and deliverance and teach practical everyday spiritual practices that help to live a victorious life in abundance.

PRAY CALIFORNIA: As a director on the Board of Pray California for about 18 years, Wolfgang has helped forge the prayer mobilization movement in California. 19 annual Pray California conferences and participation in various other prayer initiatives with important strategic prayer targets and of prophetic importance have been planned or attended by Wolfgang.

HOLLYWOOD TRANSFORMATION: Wolfgang is co-founder of a prayer initiative that started in November of 2001, focuses on the transformation of Hollywood and the entertainment industry and meets regularly once a quarter to intercede for the change of content, people and structures in Hollywood. In 2002 Wolfgang executive produced a 42-minute documentary called Hollywood Transformation, subtitle: The Power of Prayer.


Dezi Baker is a prophetically gifted leader and shepherd who has been with the organic church movement since its beginnings. A catalyst and visionary behind church expressions like BigFish Chapels and the Endlessknot, Dezi also is a part of CMA's APEST Council. Dezi is also an actor and performer. Perhaps best known for his rich stories and authentic holistic approach to the Christian life. Dezi resides in Globe Arizona, where He, is a local business owner has served as a city councilman is and active in bringing transformation to the community and the apache reservation next door.


Dezi Baker
Dezi BakerBusiness Owner

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